Playa del Carmen
    The Mayan Riviera

Playa del Carmen


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At the airport use your favorite transfers or check out the ADO Riviera bus that goes directly to the heart of Playa del Carmen. Taxis are reasonable for 2 or more persons. The airport is a busy place. It is full of commotion and people demanding your attention. Relax! Take it with the thought that soon you will be laying on the beach.


Don't forget to stop at the refreshment stand before you get to your hotel transport. The vacation has started.




On the east coast of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula the sunrises are spectacular. Rise early and walk on the is a wonderful way to start the day! Warm waters, tropical breezes, intense sun and clouds that bring relief to the snowbirds on vacation. Small hotels abound. Many of them are breakfast only, more like a European hotel.  Rates are reasonable and you are right on 5th to be near all the action.  A unique opportunity may be watching them film a movie. Always you will find beautiful sights, flowers, sunrises (sunsets are depressing), and lovely ladies.








Departures from Cancun can entail long lines. Get to the airport several hours before your flight, relax, do the last minute shopping and don't ruin the wonderful vacation you just had by getting all stressed out.



Have you been to the Mayan Riviera south of Cancun? ...       

   Playa del Carmen is a great place to see the old and the new as the town grows bigger every day. And the surrounding area provides lots to see from Coba, Tulum, Xel-ha, the Mayan villages, lots of surf and sun, horseback riding on the beach and even golf. Another alternative is to go first class and get a beach hotel and vegetate.

Or Cancun? The little picture you are looking at is the center of the hotel zone near the convention center. Downtown Cancun is along the road to the upper right. Straight out from this point across the Caribbean 15 or so miles is the island community of Isla Mujeres. You reach by the ferry and it offers a laid back lifestyle, good beaches, shopping, and a reef for snorkeling. On the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, the tourist area of Cancun is very modern, upscale, and similar to being in a tourist area of the USA. It has McDonalds and Subways, Hard Rock Cafe, and every conceivable activity.

You can walk on the beach completely around this point. The beach hotel on the right side (faces north) has a long shallow beach and many water sports. The beach on the left faces to the Atlantic and provides rolling whitecaps and surf. In the top center of the photo you can see the lagoon which extends southward behind all the hotels. The lagoon has critters in it but this does not stop the jet ski tours.

Have a craving to see Iguanas? The rocks at the end of this point provide a haven with them laying around in the sun. They are quick but shy of humans.

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