Panorama Showcase
October 2005 (Just before Wilma)





The first group of 5 were taken at Xel-ha, the Eco-Park. Snorkeling in the warm river and ocean waters is a pleasure enjoyed from people from all over the world. Several restaurants provide ethnic buffets of favorites. A large bar under the palapas provides your favorite drinks and a burger to order if you like.


All pictures are stitched from several 3-megapixel images. Save them to your hard disk and load them into your favorite viewer to zoom in close. There are a lot of interesting details to discover.


The second set of 5 pictures are from Isla Mujeres, a small island 20 minutes by ferry from Cancun. The first and second are the ferry pier on the mainland, the third is the north shore which is quite rocky, the fourth is a beach bar near the islands ferry pier. It has a palapa roof and the best french fries on the island. (Try them with lime and salt instead of ketchup)




The fifth (and last) picture is of the famous graveyard (pre hurricane Wilma) where famous people (even a pirate) are buried. The graves lack markings so get a guide local to the island if you are really trying to find the correct graves.