Isla Mujeres   

The Island of Women


A day trip to Isla Mujeres is also a great diversion. Find a small palm roofed restaurant and explore the menu. Order a house specialty drink and relax. They say Hawaii is paradise. Have they ever been to Mexico?

Fish tacos? Even French fries sprinkled with salt and lime juice goes well with that Dos XX (or Sol?).

You wait on the pier north of Cancun (You can see the hotels in the distance). The little harbor shelters many small boats, used for fishing, taxis, and pleasure. Soon the ferry approaches cutting a wake and your only thought is how small it looks. Once inside you feel more comfortable and secure.








The east side of Isla Mujeres faces the full force of the ocean and any storm that approaches. The pictures below are before the Big Bad Wilma surely did additional damage.


When you pull into the island you see all sorts of floating and sailing vessels. Maybe even a pirate ship.



Thatched palapas on the beach provide a relaxing afternoon retreat. Low overhead, great atmosphere. Playing the marimba for cash.

Even in Isla Mujeres you find plenty of shopping.


And a fascinating cemetery near the north beach. What else is North Beach notorious for?




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