In 2001 we visited Xel-Ha for the first time. Near the ocean a natural wonder. How else to explain the adventure of Xel-Ha, where the waters meet. An underground river flows to the ocean and the waters intermingle and form a layer with the sea water settling lower. When you stir the water it appears as if oil and water mix. Wildlife love the retreat and the fish flourish in the rock formations, caves, and passages.

Add tourists to this and a few snorkel tubes and lots of fun awaits those willing to swim, dive and float. The restaurants and shops have been added and contribute to the ambiance. Certainly there are many who watch from above and spend their time in only deck chairs, their food and drink nearby. This can be an all-inclusive visit and the fun is to eat, drink, relax and cavort in the miles of warm waters.

Land critters include iguanas and a wide assortment of birds, a few geckos and snakes, and a lot of enjoyment for the visitors from all over the world.