Key West Florida
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Hemmingway House



Harry S Truman's  Little White House

Wharf Area

Light House

Dry Tortugas Park




More than 100 miles out past the southern tip of Florida lay the Florida Keys. Shallow water allows a chain of islands, some not more than a foothold for a few Mangrove trees, to stretch into the warm waters. If you go as far as you can by car you reach Key West. Ninety miles from Cuba, on the ship and trading routes to the southern hemisphere, this tiny island town is also a security outpost for the armed forces. But the attraction is also prime for the drug trade; the many islands and fast access to the Miami area gives the authorities a disadvantage. Beauty is everywhere. The blue waters of the ocean and the skies; the colorful flowers and birds; the plantation white of the buildings, all lead to a romantic and restful interlude.




Key West is a great place to relax and visit the many attractions. It has been a bird sanctuary and provides protection to all the winged critters. This includes the chickens who have run free and seem to be everywhere. One rooster was seen recently strutting in front of the local KFC.

The downtown area is still quaint with its single story businesses and the strolling visitors. The tourist is king in Key West. And the bars and restaurants help add to the atmosphere. The notorious and the chain restaurant have left their mark but the party atmosphere, drink in hand, is seen all through the town. The main street stroll brings you past Jimmy Buffet's Restaurant and the Hard Rock Cafe.

History found the Keys and has added to its heritage. This is where Pan American Airways was founded. Where Hemmingway hung out. Where pirates rode the high seas looking to plunder. Where ships sank and industrialists failed.








And the evening turns to night, the sun sets, and the night is young with the sultry air mixing with the music.