Arthur Carlson

Solo Aircraft
Cessna 172 N99712

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Arthur got married... June 7th, 2008

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His flying career started at the age of 12 where, on his birthday, he took his first flying lesson. He repeated his birthday flight with a one hour helicopter lesson on his 13th birthday. He soloed August 21st, 1997 in a Cessna 172 during an encampment for the Civil Air Patrol in Sleepy Eye Minnesota. The photo of the Sleepy Eye Six shows the cadets that he flew with on his memorable day. (Arthur is leaning on the nose of "his" 172.) They all lost their shirt tails. These hotshot pilots also got cooled down with the honorary bucket of water by their instructor.

Arthur's vision is to be able to fly commercially and make lots of money while seeing new and different places. Now that he is a licensed commercial pilot and able to fly "for fun", he has taken his mother on interesting flights she will long remember. Arthur holds a multi-engine rating and an IFR rating with his commercial license acquired through ERAU (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) in Daytona Beach Florida. He also is a multi-engine flight instructor  which he used his senior year at ERAU and will use during his career at Northwest Airlines. His vision continues as he graduated with honors and continued into his new job as a Airbus instructor for NWA.


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