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Minnesota State Fair

Come early in the morning and the tables and benches are empty. But not for long. The people of Minnesota come early and return often to their fair.


Every day at the fair has a special theme. A few days they cater to seniors so it is fun to go those days for any special events. Usually politicians are walking around and in 2005 Skip Humphrey, former Mn Attorney General was there with Kare11's Diana Pierce to promote the AARP and their exercise walk around the fair grounds.





It does not take long for the streets to start to fill. Families from outstate Minnesota bring the kids. Dads are into a protective stance for their families and their young teenage daughters are eager to wander on their own. And where the girls are you will find the guys. The fair is for young people. 4H exhibits and all the animal barns show off annual work and talents. It truly is a great place for a family and friend get-together.


The government agencies are in abundance displaying their public servant tools or hyping up the citizens for "awareness" so they can get more tax dollars and more goodies to play with. Just as every community has to have a hook and ladder fire truck that is used primarily for parades and promotional duties, the fair displays the helicopters, mobile communications vehicles with board room furnishings, and portable jails. You can find displays from cities, counties, the state, political groups, and non-profit organizations.




If you head for the Agriculture-Horticulture building you will witness an  extensive display of produce in various stages of the judging. Ribbons hang from each sample but there are also some cash awards. Presentations are continuous on everything from pruning to drip irrigation.







The Creative Activities building has much to look at. Some of it is quite original.




When you walk through the grounds you find many floral displays and also memorials to past wars.