Summer Walk

Another day...

The magic of summer allows a few moments of serenity and peace only minutes from the hustle of the city. Within a shout of the freeway catapulting traffic to the northern parts of the state, a place can be found to reflect and rest. Wooded trails linked into loops from 3 to 12 miles allow you to enjoy whatever time you have to devout to a summer walk.

A dam of another era of wood milling holds back the creek forming a 1 square mile lake.

The dam cascades into a pool and at the dam's base it captures assorted fish swept over the dam from rainfall. In the spring the pool is a frenzied mass of bass, northern pike, sunfish and crappies fighting to survive being thrown from the safety of the lake. Wildlife abounds and the young of the ducks and geese paddle to keep up with their mothers. You may find muskrat, deer, rabbit, and even a bald eagle, our nation's symbol, soaring overhead. Trails in various states of disrepair lead from woods to sunlit meadows; some evaporating into unfinished fishing docks or dead ends.


Edited  Sunday, 22 August 2010