On the walk...


on a warm summer morning after a dawn shower, the  trails are moist and slippery.  A lone park bench sits empty and waiting for the regular walkers. They know where the benches are and they pause to relax on their journeys. But this morning the sun warms quickly and will catch the walkers unaware.  The temperature rises and you feel the sun catching you between the shaded patches of woods.


You pass stagnant water covered in milfoil vegetation. The smell of the algae in the water and the decaying vegetation hangs on the still hot air.  Nearby you can find white lily pads struggling amongst the duckweed.


A boy pedals ahead of his mother and sister walking the pathway. He can not resist watching the fishermen below trying for the fish of the day. His mind is wandering as he weaves and maintains his balance. Perhaps he already has memories of fishing on a warm summer day. Perhaps he is wishing he might be sitting on the lake shore watching a drifting bobber giving in to the current of the creek flowing to the lake.


And the wild oats sway in the slight breeze enjoying the sunlit shoreline.

As the little boy pedals into the distance the traffic noise from the nearby freeway seems instantly louder.  Unknown to those below a camera is sweeping overhead. Camera # C810 from the State of Minnesota watches also over the traffic, pathway, the little boy, and the fishermen.