I-35 Bridge Collapse

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The 5 pictures directly below will enlarge to exceed your computer screen and you will have to pan around in them to see the collapsed bridge. Page down for lower resolution photos.



Many have heard of the collapse of the bridge over the Mississippi river. Interstate 35W runs diagonally between Minneapolis and St Paul. There 140,000 cars that use this freeway daily.

People gather behind police lines and try to glimpse the bridge debris field on the horizon. It is difficult to get into the area due to "official" visits of the President and First Lady over a several day period. They have cordoned off a square mile (at least) and this has angered many. In the photos directly below you can see a small portion of the fallen bridge when you enlarge the picture. This vantage point is near the new Guthrie theatre. If you want to Google it use I-35 & Washington Ave.




I walked down Washington over the now empty I-35 and then to the area of the Holiday Inn that is being used by the media and families waiting to hear about their loved ones still missing.




From behind the Holiday Inn you could not see very well. It was fun to see our city's finest guarding their yellow tape. Squads from a 50 mile radius were taking part in this perimeter guard.



Enlarge pictures by clicking on them. All of them have the bridge in view although somewhat difficult to see.


The media trucks were everywhere. Plates on the vehicles were from Missouri, Indiana, and several more states. Local affiliates provided all their equipment also. I  joined the press and watched them do tapings for later release. They also were having a hard time getting into the credentialed locations. Viva El Presidente!


I wanted to put up a few pictures to show what is going on around the major events you find on the evening news and internet. It is August 3rd and a lot has been happening to make this an event watched by the world. If I get a chance to get closer pictures later than I will post them. Perhaps the bureaucrats will all go back to their offices and stop hugging the families for the TV cameras.


  Since the bridge collapsed they have kept everyone away. Nor have they allowed anyone on the 10th Avenue bridge adjacent to the collapsed bridge. Now they have reopened the bridge (September 8th, 2007) and it makes a great overlook. The decking has been partially removed but you can still see the scope of this disaster.




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