Traveling in the area is great via train. You can sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery. Many places on the map you can check off to go see again if you have more time but off season travel can be quite boring due to the weather changes. swiss3.JPG (27004 bytes)On the trains you always have company and it doesn't stay boring for long as you zip through the countryside.



Another choice of travel is, of course, by car. The small SMART car is everywhere and draws a lot of attention. The train is a better alternative for any distance; the 2 seater may be ok to get around town.

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The railroad station in Zurich is very functional for backpackers. swiss5.JPG (36638 bytes)Lots of lockers and a excellent "Mr Clean" for the personal needs. Shopping is so close by you feel as if you are in the heart of the city as you step out into traffic (And you are). Tour buses originate less than a block away and maps are easy to acquire.

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As the countryside whizzes past; I never had the urge to travel on the highways instead.

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swiss2.JPG (39448 bytes)Mountains, Snow and Scenic Splendor

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The churches can vary in design by the region.

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