EPCOT Millennium

Don't forget to take in the adventures of EPCOT if you get to the Orlando area in 2001. I could have spent many days exploring and enjoying the International displays and technical wonders in this one theme park.

Whether it is Japan, Norway, Germany, or many other countries; a quick visit in EPCOT and you get the flavor of being there.

The exhibits also include the wonders of the ocean and technical marvels such as hydroponics farming. Of course there is always the attraction at a Disney location that gives you a thrilling ride. EPCOT is no exception with its GM Test Track.

Since it is always like Christmas, don't be surprised to see a holiday touch for the new century.

EPCOT - Millennium Celebration 2000




Every day a parade makes its way around the lagoon making the theme presented a fun interlude from the long lines or the heat and humidity of a Florida day. From the butterfly girls to the stilt walkers to the many floats and specialty acts..... it is great to relax by the wayside and watch them pass.