Tampa, Florida




Panorama Shot



The Tampa beach area has a lot going for it by being on the gulf side of Florida. For one thing it has beautiful sunsets.  For a second thing you have the tourist trade that comes to tour the waterways in search of relaxation. Hundreds of miles of coastline to explore. 



For another it has the inland waterways. Homes only a few feet above the sea level and minimum tidal activity assures a lifestyle that is of the rich and famous. The homes have been used in movies and taking one of the tours through the backwaters gives a glimpse of a laidback style.

This large home in a prime location has only one bedroom. When the bachelor owner has guests they stay in the home next to his.




If you see the movie "Cocoon" you might recognize the pool enclosure in this shot.

The beaches have a coarser sand than the sugar of the Caribbean but the wide expanses more than make up for the crowded shores of other summer beach hideaways. 


Seabirds abound.....pelicans......gulls.......egrets. And just off shore the dolphins play along the coast.



Mangrove clumps in the waterway provide shelter for the nesting and tourists gawk at the birds sanctuary. Birds build their nests everywhere, even a navigation bouy. And their messes are notorious and obnoxious.


Bridges rise high and long to assure the accessibility but draw bridges halt traffic to a crawl. State parks abound in the area and make a relaxing way to spend a day in the sun, with a picnic lunch, or.......


A day at the beach to relax. A lawn chair in the water, a cold beverage, stretch out with your dog standing watch. Dozing in the sun.......life can get no better.