San Diego Zoo
A Great Place to Spend a Day












Can you hear me now ???

Yup, especially if you are from Minnesota and have winter chills and  cabin fever. Fly down and enjoy this great environment for man and beast.




The displays are innovative and show off the animals without getting them upset by your presence.

Monkeys have a urban gym with human bars as opposed to a jungle gym and monkey bars.


And the big cats enjoy the sun on a rock while the smaller friends chow on their vittles beneath the nettles.



Drag on over to the dragon for a close-up look at history. Evolution vs Creation ... you have to decide for yourself but I saw no resemblance to any of my kin.



However I can't even imagine this about the hippo exhibit. Up close that mustache and those piercing eyes brought back memories of my youth and those family picnics.



The koala bears are worth the trip. Whether they are watching you or you truly are watching them, the peaceful chewing and cuddlesome bears will win your heart.

Bamboo is raised right at the zoo and some of it is huge. Eucalyptus is a special treat and plenty is available.








Even the bears have a private swimming pool. The viewing window will show off their fantastic form and adventuresome antics. Don't miss this ...



...or the elephants with their tiresome toys.