Food of Europe








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The food is interesting to say the least. The dish on the left is one of those I can not even guess as to what it is. I believe the side dish is potatoes but the main dish is probably a pork or chicken dish. If you know what it is send me an email.



The following dishes are more traditional. Wienerschnitzel with the boiled potatoes was very good. The side dish of their version of a salad had some vegetables that were recognized...cabbage, carrots, and a couple of mysteries.





The wine glass shows how they assure compliance with the fair measure laws of Germany. The line on the side allows you to check you are getting the full value for what you are paying.













An apple fritter dessert was very tasty and a good cup of coffee allowed a relaxed end to the evening meal.












Another meal at another time.


The shrimp pasta in Munich was great! Went back there on another trip but the restaurant had only a buffet. It was disappointing.




Apple Fritters in Germany with lime and plum and lots of whipped cream. This was tops in taste and a pleasant presentation.





A Munich hamburger (and always a salad). I got used to this. I never got used to them putting coleslaw in the sandwich. I prefer the slice of tomato and a slice of cheese in the American style even though they might argue the hamburger was invented and named from Hamburg Germany.




A lone cup of coffee can be refreshing after a long walk on a cool night. This one was in Augsburg Germany. It had been raining and the cobblestone streets were slippery. Should have had a sandwich too.




When I travel I always check first to see if they have a good soup on the menu. This one was leek and garlic potato soup in Rothenburg Germany. The restaurant had over 30 items on the menu featuring potatoes.



While in Germany you can also try the apple rings in a custard base. The coffee makes it special.

















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Zandvoort Holland


Outside of beer and wine, and perhaps a bottle of water,  which one can't live on continuously, the search continues.  It has been difficult for me to find good food. Different food, to be sure, but not necessarily meeting the requirements of the basic food groups.

Why would the Dutch mix barbecue sauce in the meat before making a hamburger? And are the cooking oils so diverse that food taste can never be the same for the same item? Truly in Europe there is no consistency in cooking.

UK (Britain)

Half eaten but GREAT Fish and Chips in London, no mushy peas. A large filet and extra lemon, vinegar and salt. Skip the sauce for it added nothing to the meal.

Blackberry with cream in London is a treat from the Shakespeare restaurant near Victoria Station.



A cup of coffee added to the enjoyment of this sundae and was chock full of cherry  liquors and various fruit. The sundae was not exactly what I expected when I ordered it but was a pleasant surprise. I managed to finish it. 






This coffee shop, Stockholm Sweden, also served sandwiches. The brownies went good with the coffee and the views out the window gave a glimpse at the shoppers hurrying before the stores closed.