Madrid, Espana (Spain)

The city sprawls on the horizon endlessly. It is not a city of skyscrapers like Frankfurt. The city of Madrid may be very interesting but I think it takes some time to discover the uniqueness of this European city. A city stroll is enlightening. Start in the central area near the Hard Rock Cafe. If nothing else you will find the best margarita on the planet and a bull with blazing red eyes and smoking nostrils entering the room through the wall.


Stately Government Buildings and sidewalk cafes along wide avenues allow walking in comfort. A minimum change in elevation but not as flat as the Netherlands.


Fountains, Flowers, and official vehicles. Watch out for the taxis. It was on the way to the airport that I had the most hazardous high speed ride of my life. No seat belts, obvious poor vehicle maintenance and an aggressive attitude by the driver in rush hour traffic all left no room for error.



Plaza de Espana


Sculpted Gardens and Stone and a palace too. Always on guard the local guardians wait patiently.



The grand and majestic hotels near the Plaza are close to everything you will need for an enjoyable stay. From fresh seafood to a small, old but clean hotel room.


No dogs allowed.