The airport of Oslo, Norway is new, modern and characteristic of the Viking heritage and association with the sea.

Rocky terrain and woodlands similar to northern Minnesota.

This was my view out the window of the hotel in the morning. Lots of rocky and rolling hillsides and pine, maple, birch are some of the main

Two of the pictures are of the airport area (upper right). The airport uses lots of wood and they
even have hardwood floors. Beautiful design.

The beams in the ceiling
have a design reminding one of the ribs of a great ship.

And for some reason Chinese food seems readily available and very popular.









The hotel room was spacious and functional. The duvet was not as thick as in other countries but still made a comfortable respite from the chilly spring weather.





This was the only dirty toilet in all my travels.


Long rays of the sun manage to break into daylight.

The control tower stands out from afar coming in to the airport by train.

A small restaurant along the boulevard on the way up to the palace. Wandering the downtown area could have been in similar in many US cities. Even the demonstrators down by the railroad station added interest.