Dinner in Korea

Table cooking was lots of fun for our group. The hardwood charcoal grill was the centerpiece amongst the sauces and accompaniments to the meat.

The meat was on ribs and was cut off the bone with scissors while grilling. I thought of the method to be somewhat like Mexican Fajitas but they used a lettuce leaf to hold all the various goodies. When all wrapped up with the contents of choice the whole thing went into the mouth willingly. Very tasty and special.

Of course beer and a soup entree were also there to enjoy.



Kimchi was always present and in many disguises.


Korea1_Hotpot.JPG (22722 bytes)


My host enjoyed the food and good times.

Dinner Korean Style


Noodles, seafood, vegetables all made for a healthy dinner.

He who got the egg in his soup would have good fortune for the future.